Volvo FMX with driven front axle

Never get stuck

When it’s very hilly and the road conditions are really rough, there’s the option of all-wheel drive. The best part about this is that you select all-wheel drive when you need it, but can avoid it when running on a firm surface.

This will save you a lot of fuel. So if you want to be sure of getting out of the dirt, these are the configurations to choose. The Volvo all-wheel drive is available as 6×6 with driven front axle that is now a standard offer from Volvo.

The construction manager takes you through the deepest mud

Selectable diff lock

The choice is yours.

The differential lock engagement can be selected automatically or manually, per axle or for all driven axles. All differentials can be locked while driving. By using the differential lock button you get the choice depending on what is needed to get your truck rolling.

By using the differential lock sensibly – only when it’s needed – you have a great opportunity to save fuel and minimise wear and tear of the transmission.

Volvo FMX for steep gradients

Made for the steep gradients.

The new driven front axle is dimensioned for very high torque and heavy loads. It has the same position as the non-driven axle, 100 mm further forward compared with the old one. This means that you can benefit from a really practical and useful approach angle when climbing steep gradients.

Volvo FMX with streamlined belly-line

It’s all protected.

The parallel and link rods are all placed in line with the axle, inside the axle-casing envelope. Brake chambers and fuel tanks are positioned well protected on the chassis. There are no protruding parts that could impede your progress over logs and stones. The belly line is completely streamlined. As we say, high ground clearance is the thing.

Watch the truck drive over an engineer – all vital parts protected

AWD / CHASSIS HEIGHT / WHEELBASE (dimensions in dm)

  Rigid 6×4                                                
RADD-BR High 32 37 39 46 49
  RADD-TR1 X-High         32   37   39         46                  
    High         32   37   39         46   49              
  RADD-GR  High         32   37   39         46   49              
Rigid 6×6  
RADD-BR XX-High 37 39 43 46
RADD-TR1 XX-High 37 39 43 46
RADD-TR2 XX-High 37 39 43 46
Rigid 8×4  
RAPDD-BR X-High 46 49 51 56
High 46 49 51 56
RADD-TR1 High 46 49 51 56
RADD-TR2 X-High 46 49 51
    High                           46   49 51     56      
  RADD-GR High                           46   49 51     56      
  Tractor 6×4                                                
  RADD-BR High 30   31   32                                    
  RADD-TR1 X-High 30   31   32                                    
  High 30   31   32                                    
  RADD-TR2 High 30   31   32                                    

View the chassis specs. here