Next champion in fuel-efficient driving to be announced

Registration has now opened for the Drivers’ Fuel Challenge 2014 – Volvo Trucks’ global competition in fuel-efficient driving. Drivers’ Fuel Challenge is open to all professional truck drivers, irrespective of truck brand. The final will take place in Sweden on September 19.

The Drivers' Fuel Challenge has been arranged in different forms - global or regional -every year since 2009. Its popularity has grown since the start and the most recent global competition in 2011 attracted no less than 3,600 participants from 22 countries. 

"Fuel cost is a heavy burden for many haulage companies. However, an improved driving style can result in considerable cost savings. With the Drivers' Fuel Challenge we want to highlight this fact and encourage truck drivers globally to adopt a more fuel-efficient way of driving," says Vesna Jovic, Project Manager for Drivers' Fuel Challenge 2014.

And the potential benefits of driving in a fuel-efficient way are considerable - Volvo Trucks' own research shows that by using Volvo Trucks' services for individual follow-up on fuel consumption together with driver training, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption by around 10 percent.

All in all, Drivers' Fuel Challenge participants will not only be tested in actual fuel consumption but also in fuel-affecting driver behaviour, such as anticipation, braking, and engine and gearbox utilization. It will all be done in realistic conditions in which the drivers have to maintain productivity and where they also need to show that they utilize the truck in a good, safe and responsible way.

The Drivers' Fuel Challenge World Final 2014, in which 25 of the world's most fuel-efficient drivers will participate, takes place in Volvo's hometown Gothenburg, Sweden on September 19, 2014. Participants may register from January 13 to May 31, 2014.

Facts - Drivers' Fuel Challenge 2014

Drivers' Fuel Challenge is a global competition in fuel-efficient driving, open to all professional truck drivers irrespective of truck brand. The finalists qualify through regional competitions which take place from February until June 2014. Registration for the competition is open, at


January 30, 2014

For further information, please contact: Ida Mattsson, Volvo Trucks Media Relations. Phone: +46 31 323 63 42, e-mail: ida.mattsson@volvo.com

Han HoGyun from South Korea, World Champion of the Drivers’ Fuel Challenge, 2011. The world final took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. image/pjpeg 753.4 KB
Vesna Jovic, Project Manager for Drivers’ Fuel Challenge 2014. image/pjpeg 1.6 MB

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