Short facts

Total weight:Up to 100 tonnes

D16E: 540, 580, 660 hp
D16C: 550 and 610 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL


  • Electronic Brake System (EBS) operated by compressed air standard with air springs
  • Panic Brake Assistance cuts stopping distance
  • Automatic brake force adjustment between tractor and trailer
  • Brake disc with flexible attachment for long life
  • Electronic Stability Program available on 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 tractors
  • Exhaust Pressure Governor available as exhaust brake
  • Compact retarder with VEB+ provides braking effect of about 865 kW


Newly developed VEB+
Volvo Engine Brake is now taking a giant step forward. The optional VEB+ that is being introduced on the D16 represents a considerable increase in braking power. It is the very latest and most effective technology in the field of auxiliary brakes.

VEB+ is based on interaction between the exhaust pressure governor and VCB (Volvo Compression Brake). Maximum braking power with VEB+ is as high as about 425 kW at 2200 rpm.

Exhaust Pressure Governor as exhaust brake
The EPG (Exhaust Pressure Governor) is located at the turbocharger's exhaust outlet. On the D16, the EPG is combined with an on-off shutter that controls brake capacity. During engine braking, the EPG restricts the exhaust gas flow and thus generates back-pressure against the pistons.

Maximum braking effect with EPG is about 230 kW at 2200 rpm.

Compact retarder brakes during gearchange
Volvo's RET-TH compact retarder is a gearbox-mounted hydraulic retarder that effectively supplements the vehicle's standard braking system. It suits most manual gearboxes as well as I-Shift. Since the retarder is attached to the propeller shaft, braking effect is also utilised during gearchanges.
Together with the latest generation of I-Shift, RET-TH provides extremely high braking capacity.

Maximum braking effect with the compact retarder combined with EPG is about 670 kW, and with VEB+ it is about 865 kW.