Short facts:

Total weight: Up to 100 tonnes

400, 440, 480, 500, 520

Sleeping cab, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL


I-Shift to match long hauler
A durable long-haul truck like the Volvo FH requires a transmission to suit. One that is convenient for the driver and fuel efficient on fast long distance runs. The I-Shift automatic gearchanging system provides a previously unattainable level of driveability even at 80 tonne transportations and beyond. 

Manual gearboxes
Volvo's manual gearboxes are available in a range of variants to suit different uses and engine sizes with a 9-speed range version and 14-speed splitter and range-change versions.

As the gearboxes have cable linkage, they are easy to change and benefit from low levels of noise and vibration.

Powertronic is Volvo's automatic shifting system for driving that involves constant starting and stopping. It is a fully automatic electronic 6-speed planetary gearbox. The driver is able to choose between two automatic shifting programs or manual gear changing.

Powertronic has a hydraulic torque amplifier for extremely high starting traction and shifting without any break in torque at the drive wheels, making it ideal for construction sites and urban traffic.