Volvo truck, FL12 - 1990


When the very efficient D12 engine with unit injectors and overhead camshaft was introduced for the FH12 in 1993, many truck owners and drivers, preferring a lower truck for several reasons, started to ask for a 12-litre, ultra-efficient version of the FL7/FL12, incorporating the new engine in the existing truck family.

The best of both worlds
This was, of course, a good idea, not least since the high-built, long-distance FH range and the low FL range fulfil needs in different truck classes, meaning that internal competition between these two truck families is limited.

In 1995 the FL//FL12 was presented and very soon obtained a good reputation, combining the ergonomic advantages of a low level cab with the power (up to 420 bhp) of the most efficient and environment-friendly engine ever developed by a European truck manufacturer.

The most diverse Volvo family
The FL12 was in all respects a heavy-duty truck, and was well received for a great number of different transport tasks, especially when it came to regional distribution and construction-site transport duties. With the FL12, Volvo had created its most diverse truck family ever, equipped with a 7-litre engine (FL7), a 10-litre engine (FL10) or a 12-litre engine (FL12).

Transmission options included manual or automatic transmissions in all classes. Chassis configurations included two, three and four-axle models, driven on one, two or three axles, for single truck use or with a semi-trailer or trailer and on off-road use.