Volvo truck, NL EDC - 1990


Two of the most successful Volvo truck families were the N-trucks, produced 1973-1990, and the NL truck, produced from 1989 to 1996. They became the most successful Normal-control trucks ever produced by Volvo for the global market. Long after F-trucks had become the natural choice for most market (due to length- and axle pressure legislation), the N vehicles were the natural trucks on the Brazilian market. For this reason, in order to fulfill the demands for modern comfort and ergonomics, the NL trucks (which, in their original versions, had been introduced in  1989) were presented in a new shape, the 'NL10EDC' and the 'NL12 EDC', in 1996. They were almost exclusively marketed in South America.

Modernized cab
The most striking feature of the NL10/NL12 was the modernized cab, with more interior space, increased comfort, improved ergonomics and more efficient heater and climate systems. But apart from these obvious changes, the new trucks were changed in many ways, to contribute to a better driver environment, improved transport economy and enhanced environmental characteristics.

The NL10EDC and the NL12EDC were mainly utilized for regional and long distance transport tasks, but was also the natural trucks for construction site operation or special transport demands.

Under the aerodynamic bonnet of the NL10EDC and the NL12 EDC were more efficient versions of Volvo´s 10- and 12-litre engines, now with EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) to ensure low fuel economy, optimal performance, modest exhaust emissions and low noise level.

In 1999, the NH12 succeeded the NL10 EDC and the NL12 EDC.