Volvo truck, VM - 2003

VM - 2003

Like many other manufacturers of trucks, Volvo designs and builds its trucks out of a common range of components, which are found in many different models. This is a tradition which was started already in the early 1930´s, when the same engines, the same gearboxes, and the same chassis components were found on several different Volvo truck models.

Shared components in unique cabs
Components shared between many Volvo trucks include e.g. the electronic system, engines, gearboxes and chassis components. Unlike some manufacturers, however, Volvo makes separate cabs for different models, to ensure that the volume of the cab and driver ergonomics is optimized.

A truck which exemplifies this principle very well is the VM, which is produced exclusively in Curitiba, Brazil. Brazil is (since 1980) one of Volvo's most important truck markets. Volvo did not, however, offer a medium- to light-heavy-duty truck on the Brazilian market until the autumn of 2003, when the VM was introduced.

Specified for many different tasks
The VM is based on global Volvo components, together with a cab shared with the FL and FE trucks and an engine (produced in Brazil), which is not found in any other Volvo truck. The cab is available in several versions, including short day cab and sleeper cab with a comfortable bunk. The engine is available with different output levels, and different transmissions options.

Thanks to this, the VM can be specified for a wide range of transport tasks, from local or regional distribution to more demanding transport operations, with two or three axles, and with our without a trailer. The VM is marketed only in South America.