Volvo truck, VN - 2002

VN - 2002

Despite the common need for efficient transport, trucks for the United States and trucks for the rest of the world traditionally are very different. When Volvo planned the American trucks for the 21st century, the ambition was to preserve the qualities of the American trucks, and at the same time incorporate the comfort, ergonomic and safety qualities of the European Volvo FH truck.

Due to the generous lengths in the US
The transport legislation in the United States is very different from the transport legislation in the European Union. The most obvious difference is the more generous lengths permitted in North America, contrary to Central Europe where the truck combinations must not be more than just over 18 metres.

This is the reason why American trucks almost always have a long bonnet in front of the cab. Since truck transports also take place over very long distances 'coast-to-coast' many trucks are equipped with extremely spacious sleeping compartments.

American look, European components
The American conventional VN truck was introduced in 1996, as a successor to the Volvo Aero series. Despite its traditional American look, with a long bonnet and very large sleeper compartments in the long-distance versions, it shares the technology and most of the components with the 'European' FH family. The VN (especially in its most exclusive version, the '780') combines the best aspects of American trucks with the ergonomics and the safety of the best European Volvo trucks.

The VN was designed, like the FH12 and the FH16 (and the FM and the NH series), out of the technology and the components shared by 'the Global Family of Volvo trucks'. It has the widest specification of any Volvo truck. It can be supplied with any of six different cabs, ranging from a short day cab to several sleeper cab options, where the most spacious virtually consists of a 'rolling home'.

The engine, cab and front axle setback
The VN is normally offered with Volvo engines (similar but not identical to the 11- or 13-litre engines used for e g the FH and the FM) but can also be supplied with a powerful 15-litre Cummins engine. The VN is available with two different FAS positions (FAS=Front Axle Setback) to ensure perfect axle weight distribution in every transport application.

The VN range was completely revised in 2002, with roomier cabs with improved comfort and with a more aerodynamic design of the front incorporated in the VN trucks intended for long-distance operations. Since 2005, the VN can be supplied with Volvo's powerful 16-litre engine.