Volvo truck, FE - 2006

FE - 2006

The Volvo FE was introduced in 2006, as a very efficient heavy-duty truck intended for heavy local or regional distribution, for transport over larger distances with modest combination weights, for construction site transport or for services like garbage operations or as a tanker truck.

The FE is available in a very large number of various executions, with two or three axles, with one or two driving rear axles. For maximum flexibility, the chassis can be supplied in three different heights, and with a very wide choice of wheelbases, from short semitrailer tractors to long rigid trucks.

Wide range of cab options
The FE presents a wide range of cab options; from the Day cab which gives maximum payload and platform length to a more spacious Comfort cab or a Sleeper cab which provides overnight accommodation.

The performance of the FE is high, thanks to the powerful D7E engine with from 240 up to 320 hp, mated to all-synchronized gearboxes with 6 or 9 forward gears, or to an automatic transmission.

Volvo has always been in the forefront when it comes to environmental care. The FE conforms to the new Euro 4  exhaust emission rules, and is also available in versions which fulfills the future Euro 5 regulations.

The FE is a truck which offers very good transport economy, based on low operational costs, high payload thanks to low chassis weight, together with quality and availability which make sure that the FE is always available for daily transport!