Volvo FE Hybrid

FE Hybrid

The company’s major advances in technological expertise have meant that Volvo leads the way in trucks with minimal environmental impact (exhaust emissions and noise) as well as low fuel consumption (= low carbon dioxide emissions).

The most recent step forward, and one of the most important ever, is the new FE Hybrid, which with both electric power and an efficient and environmentally optimised diesel engine offers an exceptionally small eco-footprint.

Behind the wheel, it is as simple to drive an FE Hybrid as it is to drive a “regular” truck. The electric motor is installed between the diesel engine and gearbox. Power distribution between the electric motor and combustion engine takes place entirely automatically. For additional comfort, the truck features automatic gearchanging with Volvo’s I-Shift transmission (the same as fitted to the FH and FM Series, dimensioned for gross combination weights of 44 tonnes).

The FE Hybrid is primarily intended for local haulage assignments but thanks to its onboard diesel power its operating range is in principle unlimited. Its main application area is expected to be distribution operations and refuse collection.
Two cab options are available: day cab for distribution and similar operations with maximum cargo length within a given total length, and a comfort cab which thanks to its added interior length offers more comfort and generous space for changing clothes in refuse duties, for instance.

The FE Hybrid is available in both two-axle and three-axle guise, with a 7.2-litre engine with overhead camshaft and four valves per cylinder. Engine power output is 300 hp (for distribution duties, for example) or 340 hp (ideal for refuse collection and other duties).

The FE Hybrid is the synthesis of decades of research at Volvo. Thanks to many years of testing hybrid vehicles, Volvo can guarantee optimal function for this “vehicle of the future”!

The FE Hybrid is Volvo’s first series-manufactured hybrid vehicle. But by no means its last..!