Volvo VHD

VHD (North America)

The VHD is Volvo’s extremely robust construction model for North America. It is uniquely tailored to meet the demands of American construction firms and US vehicle legislation, which does not “penalise” traditional trucks but permits and rewards “Conventional” models with long hoods.

In relation to other models from Volvo Trucks in North America, the VHD is entirely unique, with a particularly sturdy chassis and exceptionally robust components available in a wide range of choices so that each and every customer can build his very own VHD.

The VHD is built with a tipper platform and also as a semitrailer tractor. In its basic configuration it features three axles with tandem drive, but can be specified in a wide range of versions with up to five axles.
The VHD, which was unveiled in its first version at the turn of the century, is delivered with either a short day cab (the VHD) or in a version with a long cab and fixed bed (VHD430).

Under the hood of the VHD, power always comes from either an 11-litre or a 13-litre Volvo engine. Transmission is either Volvo’s own I-Shift auto-shifting gearbox or a wide range of US-built manual or automatic gearboxes.