VN & VNM (North America)

North America is a continent with entirely unique traditions, operating conditions and legislation as regards transport in general and truck transport in particular. That is why Volvo, in its capacity as a global company, has a product range that totally differs from the “global” range available in the rest of the world!

Two major reasons for the special Volvo range in the USA are the exceptionally generous length regulations that permit long bonnets, and the long distances that favoured the development of particularly spacious “homes on wheels”.

Volvo’s main model in the USA is the VN, which is available in a variety of versions.The VN is offered with a choice of four cab lengths: a short day cab and sleeper cabs in three lengths, of which the two longest are also available in a choice of two heights, with full standing height in the taller version.

As a general rule the VN model is configured as a three-axle semitrailer tractor with drive to both rear axles.
Under the hood of the VN power generally comes from Volvo’s 11-litre, 13-litre or 16-litre engines. Apart from Volvo’s own power units, the VN can also be specified with a 15-litre Cummins engine.

Volvo’s I-Shift auto-shift transmission has become a popular choice among American customers and drivers, although US-manufactured manual non-synchromesh gearboxes are also common.

Alongside the main VN model there is also the VNM, which with its shorter hood offers better manoeuvrability for local and regional operations. The VNM can be specified with a day cab or sleeper cab in a choice of two lengths for assignments that require overnight accommodation for one or two drivers.

The VNM is always fitted with Volvo’s 11-litre or 13-litre engine mated to Volvo’s I-Shift transmission or a US-built non-synchromesh gearbox.