Volvo FE

A heavy truck with extra-high payload for local or regional distribution operations or demanding municipal duties. These are the main application areas for the Volvo FE.

The FE is available in two- or three-axle configuration, and with drive to one or two rear axles.

Three cab alternatives help give the FE a very wide range of application areas. A short day cab is suitable for local transports with maximum payload utilisation, with the driver always starting and finishing his or her day at the truck’s home base. The longer comfort cab combines generous load space with enhanced comfort for longer distances where a fixed bed is not essential. The sleeper cab offers a fixed bed for assignments where the driver needs – either occasionally or frequently – to have comfortable overnight accommodation in the cab during haulage assignments that last several days.

Under the engine compartment cover is the D8 7.7-litre engine with power outputs between 250 and 320 horsepower. There is a choice of manual and automatic transmission.
The range of specifications for the FE is particularly wide. Apart from various axle alternatives there are different suspension options – both conventional and air suspension (which offers exceptional comfort and flexible load-handling benefits). The available gross weights are between 18 and 26 tonnes.

The FE, which is often used in urban environments, naturally meets the stringent Euro 5 exhaust emission regulations even in its standard configuration. For operations that give particularly high priority to the local environment, such as refuse collection, the FE can also be equipped with hybrid drive.