Volvo FH

Volvo FH

Most Volvo trucks are used for domestic or international transport assignments. And on the grille of the world’s most successful truck the badge says “VOLVO” and “FH”.

The reason for the success of the FH Series cannot be traced to any particular component or any individual characteristic. Rather, the explanation lies in the overall package: that the versatile FH manages to combine features such as good performance, large cargo-carrying capacity, high average speeds, the best safety on the market, optimal ergonomics and minimal environmental impact with the lowest possible running costs across a wide range of application areas.

Other explanations for the FH Series’ success and popularity can be found in the fact that the “hardware” – the truck itself – is supported by expert Volvo “software” – such as a global service network and support systems such as Volvo Dynafleet, which reduces the burden on the haulage firm’s administration and simplifies driver planning and daily routines.

The FH Series is not just one of the favourite choices among haulage companies, it is also the first choice among drivers thanks to its comfort, ergonomics and safety (the latter also popular among drivers’ family members …)
Having said that, the FH Series is not ONE truck but thousands of possible versions, each tailored to the individual haulage firm’s priorities, each driver’s wishes and, above all, each transport assignment’s special demands.

There is a choice between four cabs: short day cab, normal sleeper cab, legendary Globetrotter cab and extra-spacious Globetrotter XL cab. All are equally comfortable, but thanks to their varying degrees of interior volume each is adapted to suit the special requirements of each individual driver, haulage company and transport assignment as regards driving and living comfort and payload space/payload weight.

Under the engine cover there is always the tried and tested 12.8-litre engine with overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder, electronic unit injection and Volvo’s patented VEB Volvo Engine Brake. Power outputs between 420 and 540 horsepower meet (almost) all performance needs (if 540 horsepower is “not enough” there’s always the FH16 with up to 750 horsepower at your disposal…)