Volvo FL

Volvo FL

The Volvo FL represents the lightest segment in Volvo’s broad range of medium and heavy trucks.
It is available in three basic versions, 12–16, 14–16 or 18 tonnes, with the heaviest version actually serving as a very light truck in the heavy segment.

The FL Series has been primarily designed for the urban environment, where it is used mainly for distribution duties, as a municipal service vehicle or for special transports where the demands on robustness and economy are high but where a gross weight of 12 to 18 tonnes is sufficient.

Under the engine compartment cover is the powerful 7.7-litre D8 engine with 250 or 280 horsepower. It features an overhead camshaft and four valves per cylinder. The transmission alternatives consist of mechanical 6-speed or 9-speed manual gearboxes, an automatic Powershift transmission or the automated I-Sync transmission, which reduces the driver’s burden in the fast pace of inner-city and suburban environments with their frequent gearchanging.

The FL Series encompasses thousands of different vehicle variants, each tailored for its special transport assignment. Chassis lengths vary from (about) 6.1 to 11.2 metres, with wheelbase alternatives between 307 and 680 cm. The FL is only available in two-axle configuration but with various chassis heights, and offers particularly convenient entry and exit.
The FL Series is primarily intended for transport assignments that do not require overnight accommodation. The short day cab permits a long load platform within a given total length, while the comfort cab offers extra interior space for added comfort and in-cab roominess. For fire trucks or municipal duties, for instance, there is a crew-cab with space for an entire crew.

The FL cab is 2.1 metres wide. This gives the vehicle excellent manoeuvrability in congested inner-city conditions.

Companies that use the FL Series (irrespective of whether they are haulage firms or companies with other tasks as their primary operation) have access to all the “soft” benefits of Volvo’s product range, such as various programmes for preventive maintenance, repairs, and driver information systems like Dynafleet.