The new Volvo FH series

The new Volvo FH series

When the new Volvo FH series was launched in 2012, it was as the predecessor of one of the world’s most successful trucks ever built. For 19 years, Volvo FH had been an icon in the truck industry. Needless to say, expectations were high.

At the spectacular launch, the new Volvo FH turned out to be exactly like its forerunner in one way only – being something entirely new. The new truck came packed with innovative features, many of them industry firsts, pushing the envelope for what a truck could be.

Many of them had one focus: the driver. Because at this time, attracting good drivers had become increasingly important and difficult for transport operators all over the world. But this was before the new FH arrived.

With one extra cubic metre of cab space, car-like handling, great visibility and several comfortable features such as the all-new climate system with I-ParkCool – this was a workplace for drivers to love.

The new FH also came with several groundbreaking ways to make transports more profitable for the operator. Intelligent fuel-saving offers such as the I-See make a direct impact on the bottom line. So does the bold promise of 100% uptime, previously unthought of in the industry.

But above all, the new Volvo FH series came with another promise. A promise of being ready for the future. Already at the launch, the incredible Euro 6-compliant driveline I-Torque was revealed, and the advanced telematics platform made for exciting future updates.

Once again, Volvo FH had become a game-changer in the transport industry.