Extinguishing fire

Supplying the entire world

Volvo Trucks has been delivering trucks and services for governmental needs for more than 75 years. Over the years, about 32,000 vehicles have been delivered to military purchasers. This means we have a broad and deep experience of what makes the difference under active-service conditions.

We enjoy comprehensive backing from Volvo expertise worldwide, not least engineering and design specialists, traffic planning experts and technicians with in-depth knowledge of service and parts. Our global presence and many production facilities allow us to fulfil any requirements on local integration. This, in combination with an efficient logistics and service facilities network, means we can supply a broad range of vehicles and services perfectly adapted to the needs of military authorities and rescue service agencies all over the world.

Vehicles for every purpose

The Volvo special vehicle range of trucks is based on the wealth of experience gained from commercial operations both on and off road along with a commitment of driveability, flexibility, quality, long term reliability, durability and whole life cost - and also on the latest truck technology available on the market.

The Volvo FM and FH are built to perform efficient and safe duties all over the world. A very flexible chassis platform and a broad range of chassis components and drivelines make it possible to tailor these vehicles to the exact tasks they are to perform.

The philosophy behind Volvo's range of military products is to always base the adaptation and/or modifications on the standard platform in order to get the most out of the thousands of vehicles in commercial use. This approach ensures that the vehicles always have the highest quality and that the availability of service, parts and knowledgeable, well-trained service personnel is optimal, regardless of where the vehicle may be operating.

The current product range fulfils most of the NATO Standard compliance, and is designed to meet any local requirements.