Sleeping in truck

Transportation security

Theft of goods and entire vehicles is increasing substantially in certain parts of the world. The problem is particularly serious in Brazil, but also in Eastern Europe and for example in Italy, the UK, Spain and Germany many cases are reported.
The extent of insider crime varies according to several studies between a few per cent up to 60-80 per cent of all cases, and about a third of the loss to industry occurs before goods reach the stores. Thefts of goods worth hundreds of millions of Euros occur annually in Europe.

Transportation security in Europe is primarily about air traffic and shipping, but the EU is also proposing rules for more secure bus and truck transport. In the EU's seventh framework programme, initiated in the autumn of 2006, transportation security has its own section.

The security truck
AB Volvo and Volvo Trucks take the question of transportation security very seriously and a lot of work is being done to develop systems and functions for increased security.

The Security Truck is a full-scale vehicle with solutions designed for protection against crime and terrorism. It was originally designed as a concept vehicle, but as the security features gradually mature, they will presumably be offered on the market in different package solutions. The security truck will have features such as driver ID control, vehicle tracking and fleet management functions including online driver, truck & goods information, among others.

Further development of existing technology
New functions that have been added to Dynafleet - Volvo Trucks' online transport information system for improved profitability - include automatic detection of the position of a vehicle and technologies that allow the driver to justify non-driving time. This helps the transport company to report and keep track of all the activities with which the driver is occupied during a transport assignment.