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Volvo FMX

For the toughest mining & construction duties

Gross vehicle weight: 
49.4 tonnes
Chassis height:
900 to 1240 mm
D13A: 440 hp


Volvo FH

The everlasting machine

Total weight:
49 tonnes. 200 tonnes (with MoRTH approval)
D13A: 520 hp, 520 Powertronic

Sleeper cab

Volvo FH

Volvo FM Rigid

Well suited to local and regional operations

Total weight:
70 - 100 tonnes.
Chassis height:
810 to 1200 mm
D11A: 370 hp
D13A: 400, 480 hp

Volvo FM
Volvo FMX Volvo FH Volvo FM

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