More Information about RSS

What is web feeding?
A web news feed, or RSS feed, is a web service which will automatically update with the latest content from one or several websites of your choice - saving you time by making your web surfing more efficient on the ever-growing Internet.

RSS (short for Really Simple Syndication) is usually symbolized by an orange feed icon and is quickly becoming a standard internet format for web feeding, popular with many sports and news sites. With RSS, you can quickly and conveniently take part of new content without even having to visit the website. RSS enables you to go to one place - your feed reader - and scan all the latest content from one or several web sites.

How do I get the web feed?
All you need to use this service is to install an RSS reader on your computer. There are several such readers available. Some of these are software programs which you download to your computer, but we recommend that you use a browser-based reader. Browser-based readers are web sites that store your feeds and their content in a personal account for you, which is practical for example if you regularly go online from more than one computer.

Above to the right are several links to both browser-based and downloadable RSS readers which you can choose from.

Once you have an RSS reader, you can add the Volvo trucks feed to it.


  1. Click on the link above
  2. Copy the URL adress
  3. Paste it in your RSS reader