Flexible maintenance packages

Volvo Service Agreements is a series of inspections and repair options designed to reduce operating risks, get the best value from your trucks and increase the overall efficiency of your transport operations.

There are two levels of service contracts to choose from:

  • Volvo Blue Agreement, which includes preventive maintenance.
  • Volvo Gold Agreement, which includes preventive maintenance and truck repairs.

The basic services included in each package can be supplemented by various options, ensuring that you have a service contract that is exactly tailored to your specific needs.


A qualified service technician is caring for your truck, and every part that needs replacing is replaced by an identical part, ensuring that your truck continues to retain its high quality and availability. In addition, thanks to our care, you can expect a higher second-hand price when the time comes.

...and simple!
Choosing a Volvo service contract makes life easier. You no longer need to select a workshop, decide what needs doing and consider whether the price is right. Instead, you know in advance exactly what is included, and what you will have to pay each month.

With costs evenly spread over the year and paid once a month, administration is reduced and financial planning is easier.