Safety comes first - always

The transport of chemical materials such as fluids, gases, powders and granules is put under strict national and international regulations. For good reason. Keeping the environment, drivers and people safe is of the utmost importance when delivering these products that are so vital to the economy. And choosing the right truck for the job is as important as the driver's skill and sense of responsibility. We recommend the Volvo FM and the Volvo FH.

The vehicles are defined by:

  • Robust and lightweight chassis for increased loading capacity
  • Special factory-ready vehicles certified for ADR applications. ADR is a European agreement on the carriage of dangerous goods.
  • Air-suspended chassis and optional tractors with Electronic Stability Program - ESP
  • Excellent driveability with I-Shift and safety innovations
  • Gearshifting without power interruption
  • Convenience and safety in hazardous environments