Volvo FMX Comfort working comfort 1

Volvo FMX

Short Facts

Gross vehicle weight: 
31 tonnes

Chassis height:
900 to 1240 mm

D13A: 440 hp

Welcome to your new workplace

As a truck driver, you’re not always in your cab. The Volvo FMX makes it easy for you to get in and out of the cab thanks to a door that opens a generous 90 degrees. The fixed step is low and well-illuminated, and can be supplemented with a lower foldaway foot-step.
Move around with ease
Once outside the cab, you’ll notice that the Volvo FMX is equipped with various details that make your job that much easier. At the front of the cab there are steps and handles that make it easy for you to reach the windscreen for cleaning. At the side of the cab is a ladder with a grab-rail for added convenience when checking the cargo. And the wide selection of work lights makes it easier and safer when you’re working in the dark.