Volvo FH

Brief facts:

Total weight:
Up to 49 tonnes.
200 tonnes with MoRTH approval

D13A: 520 hp

Sleeper cab


  • Z-cam brakes
  • Optional auxiliary brakes, such as Volvo Engine Brake (VEB/VEB+)

Z-Cam Brakes

The Volvo Z-cam brake system offers good safety with high efficiency combined with excellent brake feel and control. The brake lining are free from asbestos and have a long service life owing to floating brake shoes and automatic brake adjustment. 

The movement of the brake shoes is regulated by thrust pins located in a Z-shaped pattern on the brake cam. When compressed air is allowed into the brake cylinder, this movement is passed on via the brake slack adjuster, which rotates the brake cam so that the  thrust pins straighten out and apply uniformly distributed pressure on the brake shoes as they push against the brake drum. The brake shoes do not have fixed attachment points on the backing plate, so they float and can centre against the brake drum to keep pace with break wear. The braking is uniform resulting in minimum friction losses and low temperature.   This promotes long service for brake lining and brake drum alike.

The Volvo Z-cam wheel brake is characterised by high braking effect and precise brake application and offers increased braking safety on heavier vehicles.


The Z-cam brakes  can be supplemented with particularly effective auxiliary brakes, such as VEB//VEB+ (Volvo Engine Brake).