Volvo FH

Brief facts:

Total weight:
Up to 49 tonnes.
200 tonnes with MoRTH approval

D13A: 520 hp

Sleeper cab

Chassis safety

The FH Chassis has in-built safety by design. While the options below are currently not in demand within India, its good to note the options possible to further enhance safety:

LKS - Warns if the truck wanders off lane
LKS (Lane Keeping Support) monitors the truck's position on the road. The system alerts the driver in the event of unintentional departure from the current lane or when entering a lane of traffic going the other way. The main application areas are in long-haul operations on motorways when the truck is driven at a steady cruising speed in monotonous traffic conditions.

The system is an aid if the driver is not concentrating sufficiently, when he or she is tired or becoming distracted. LKS is available as an option on the Volvo FH and Volvo FH16.

Active cruise control keeps the distance
ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) is an active cruise control system that makes it easy to blend in smoothly with the flow of traffic and maintain safe distance to the vehicle in front. The system has been updated and now provides higher braking effect.

With ACC, the driver selects the time gap to the vehicle in front. The ACC system then keeps this time gap through automatic operation of the throttle and brakes. The ACC's gap monitoring system is based on a highly advanced radar function.

ACC is available as an option on the Volvo FH, Volvo FH16 and Volvo FM.

EBS electronically controlled fast-acting brakes
EBS (Electronically controlled Brake System) disc brakes offer distinct and well-balanced brake feel combined with heat-resistant disc installation and simple service. They are characterised by high braking effect, while electronic control results in immensely swift response with a short stopping distance. EBS is available in Medium and High program packages. EBS Medium (EBS Standard on Volvo FL and Volvo FE) is now standard on the European market.

ESP brake stabilisation forgives the driver
The ESP (Electronic Stability Program) stabilisation system promotes safe and secure braking with the possibility of redistributing braking force between the various wheels as necessary.

ESP operates actively to brake each wheel individually. For instance, the system registers if the truck's speed is excessive and the vehicle is on the verge of skidding or rolling over in a curve, and even if the trailer shows signs of starting to weave in a fast emergency avoidance manoeuvre. ESP is included in EBS High and is available for semi-trailers with 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 drive.