Volvo FH

Brief facts:

Total weight:
Up to 49 tonnes.
200 tonnes with MoRTH approval

D13A: 520 hp

Sleeper cab


The Volvo FH comes with 14-speed range / splitter manual gearbox or 6-speed fully automatic planetary powertronic gearbox with the possibility of manual gear changes.  

The manual gearbox has a wide range of gear ratios and close, well balanced shift increments. This provides very high starting traction while also offering the capacity for high average speeds.

The powertronic gearbox is specially developed for heavy transport operations. It offers a smooth, gentle gear changes without any interruption in power delivery and permits safe starts even in difficult conditions. The gear changing fucntions are completely electronically controlled and monitored via control units for the gear selector and the gearbox, intergrated in the trucks electronic system.