Safe cabs

Safe cabs

A room with a view
Volvo Trucks' cabs are designed to maximise all-round visibility. They feature large glass panels, powerful windscreen wipers and big rear-view mirrors so that you stay in control of every situation.

Furthermore, by using effective headlamps with High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs we obtain lighting that resembles daylight, which is easier on your eyes. HID bulbs also last longer than regular headlight bulbs.

In order for you to see what is going on behind the truck a rear-view camera with an integrated display is also available.


The automatic climate system
Tests show that when temperatures are too high, drivers tend to make mistakes and misjudge situations. That is why we have developed the unique Volvo Electronic Climate Control (ECC) for our trucks.

ECC is a highly advanced system that monitors cab and outdoor temperatures, evaporator temperature, vehicle speed, engine revolutions per minute and several other parameters.

Enjoy the silence
Audio overload can cause stress. And stress is a contributing factor in a wide range of traffic accidents. That is why Volvo has developed a range of noise-reducing features, including:

  • Thick engine noise control insulation fitted under the cab
  • Aerodynamic design of cab and rear-view mirrors reduces the wind-induced noise
  • With the new Volvo FH/FM, a new silencer reduces the low-wave sounds that can be rather tiring
  • Thick all-round cab insulation to reduce sounds from surrounding traffic


No unwanted visitors, please
The driver is the most precious asset for any transport company. With the Volvo Anti-theft system, you can easily lock the truck and switch on the alarm. You can rest assured that you are safe, since the 105 dB (A) siren is more than enough to put the most determined would-be thief to flight.