Environmental driveline

Guiding you to optimised fuel consumption

Reducing fuel consumption is a must when it comes to a company's economy. But even more so when it comes to environmental issues. At Volvo we believe in the benefits of cleaner technology. It is a mission we take seriously. Compared to a truck that performed a corresponding haulage assignment back in 1980, the fuel consumption, using diesel engines, has decreased by about 30%.

However, besides vehicle and engine design, fuel consumption for goods vehicle transport is dependent on a number of other factors, such as load conditions, the driver, the equipment and weather conditions.

Volvo has long experience of engine technology to reduce emissions and fulfil all main legislation from Europe, the USA, Japan and India.

Volvo trucks offers vehicles complying to both Euro III or Euro IV emission norms in India.
Environment friendly technology

Low exhaust and noise emission:
The D13A 400 more than meets the demand for high performance in conjunction with low exhaust (Euro 3) and noise emissions.

The D13A400 satisfies noise requirements without needing advanced encapsulation. The crankshaft and camshaft have hydraulic vibration dampers which minimize noise and vibration – a particularly low noise is evident at idling speed.

Crankcase ventilation:
The D13A400 engine offers fully sealed crankcase ventilation as an option - the system is called closed crankcase ventilation.

The crankcase gases in the valve cover are returned via a centrifuge-equipped oil separator to the turbo-charger. The oil mist is separated in the maintenance-free centrifuge system, requiring no filter replacements. This system provides an extremely clean, environmentally friendly engine by re-using the crankcase gases.