Volvo FH16 Chassis brakes


  • Electronic Brake System (EBS) operated by compressed air standard with air springs
  • Panic Brake Assistance cutting stopping distance
  • Automatic brake force adjustment between tractor and trailer
  • Brake disc with flexible attachment for long life
  • Electronic Stability Program available 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 tractors and on 6x2 rigids
  • Exhaust Pressure Governor available as exhaust brake
  • Compact retarder with VEB+ equals braking effect of about 865 kW

Increase average speed with VEB+
With Volvo’s patented VEB+ you get high and uniform braking power without any fading. Since VEB+  covers the engine’s entire rev range, you can handle most of the truck’s braking needs with the engine brake.

VEB+  delivers extremely high braking effect – 578 hp with the D16E. When driving in hilly landscape you have good potential for increasing your average speed without affecting driving safety. In practical terms, what it means is that you can remain in a higher gear on downhill gradients.


Compact retarder brakes during gearchange
Volvo’s compact retarder is a gearbox-mounted hydraulic retarder that effectively supplements the vehicle’s standard braking system. It suits most manual gearboxes as well as I-Shift. Since the retarder is attached to the propeller shaft, braking effect is also utilised during gearchanges.
Together with the latest generation of I-Shift, Volvo’s compact retarder provides extremely high braking capacity.

Maximum braking effect with the compact retarder combined with EPG is about 670 kW, and with VEB+ it is about 865 kW.