Volvo FH16
What you get when you pull out all
the stops

The Volvo FH16

Where to begin with the FH16? Let’s put it this way: The FH16 750 is the culmination of everything we know about trucks – and then some. Most people get all hyped up on the 750 digits. And while significant, we would like to point to its real implication: 3550 Nm in torque. Now that’s a number to go bananas over. 90 per cent of the torque is available within seconds and it’s immense enough to offer an experience of never-ending increase. The driveline of the Volvo FH16 750 is the ultimate solution for heavy haulage, construction and long haul. It’s also a truck designed to offer the ultimate driving experience.

Volvo FH16 D16 Engine

Remarkable driveline

With the D16 engine with up to 750 hp, you get the power you’ve dreamt about and massive torque when it matters most. Despite this enormous output, you can always count on outstanding fuel efficiency. The D16 engine is available as an EEV certified version.  

Ultimate driving experience

The ultimate driving experience

Nothing has been spared regarding quality and standard when it comes to the FH16. Everything is just a little bit better on this truck – inside and out. It is made for extreme conditions and it is at its happiest when it’s hauling high maximum loads in hilly terrain. And so should you be.

Safety first

Safety first

A Volvo truck should be as safe to drive as possible and Volvo FH 16 is no exception. Inertia-reel seat belts with sensors monitor sudden movements and an SRS airbag can be specified on the driver side. Also, there are plenty of driver support systems to choose from, all designed to minimise the risk of road accidents.

Buying a Volvo FH16 – the hows and whys

Find a dealer

Interested in buying a Volvo FH16? Identifying your ultimate transport solution is best done by meeting up with someone dedicated to the whole process of buying and owning a Volvo Truck. Together you will finalise the specs, find the best financial deal as well as the most appropriate service agreements for once your truck is on the road.

The Volvo FH16 can be delivered with these configurations

Cabs Engines Transmissions Rear axles
Volvo FH16 cabs Volvo FH16 engines Volvo FH16 transmissions Volvo FH16 rear axles
Sleeper cab
Globetrotter cab
Globetrotter XL cab
D16C (550 and 610 hp)
Manual gearbox
Single reduction
(GCW approval: 44–70 tonnes)

Hub reduction
(GCW approval: 70–100/180 tonnes)