The new Volvo FE

Your flexible working partner, delivering excellent driveability and first class productivity.

4×2 tractor; 4×2, 6×2 or 6×4 rigid

D7E (240, 280 or 320 hp)
The Volvo FE cab

The Volvo FE cab.
Your home comforts on the road.

We know your cargo is your prime concern. However, we also believe that it is important that you can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, spacious and safe workspace while you are out on the road. Therefore we have designed the new Volvo FE cabs to be adaptable to your needs on the inside - with excellent storage possibilities and space for relaxation - while being both extremely robust and admirably stylish on the outside.

Furthermore, ergonomically placed instruments and controls make driving and operating truck functions feel like second nature.

There are three different kinds of cabs to choose between for the Volvo FE.
  Day cab
  • Interior height 1605 mm, length 1600 mm, width 2300 mm.
Comfort cab
  • Interior height 1605 mm, length 2000 mm, width 2300 mm.
Sleeper cab
  • Interior height 1605 mm, length 2200 mm, width 2300 mm.

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New Volvo FE cab interior

Interior: Stretch out and relax.

When your daily routine requires entering and exiting your vehicle frequently, a convenient, ergonomically designed instep is a must. Once inside, a roomy interior with modern features creates a real home-on-the-road feel. Have a look around the Volvo FE cab – built for your comfort.

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New Volvo FE cab exterior

Exterior: Tried and tested for your safety.

Like all trucks in our premium range, the Volvo FE has been through the strictest of safety tests. Its robust exterior with several new features includes an improved under-run protection system. An eye-catching sight on approach, the front of the truck features a redesigned grille and prominent iron mark.

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Volvo FE cab colours

Colours: Different shades, same quality.

Did you know that you can order your Volvo cab in virtually any colour? Save time and money by not having to visit a separate paintshop – our painting facility provides you with a choice of over 300 different colours. Find your favourite in the online cab colouriser.

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