The new Volvo FE

Your flexible working partner, delivering excellent driveability and first class productivity.

4×2 tractor; 4×2, 6×2 or 6×4 rigid

D7E (240, 280 or 320 hp)
Volvo FE Driveline

Power and performance on demand.

Flexibility, power, quick response. Volvo FE driveline ensures a performance, which makes the vehicle an essential professional tool for city and regional distribution.

Incorporating the very latest in machine technology, the Volvo FE represents the perfect long-term investment when you need to ensure maximum uptime and productivity for your business.

The Volvo D7 engine

The Volvo D7 engine – perfect for the task.

The Volvo D7E engines are 6-cylinder, 7-litre engines with power outputs varying from 240 to 320 hp. It is perfectly matched for the Volvo FE, with optimal adaptability and top performance.

The D7 engine delivers superb power and torque, as well as unmatched drivability. Furthermore, the engine provides a lightning-quick response – in heavy urban traffic, for example.

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The Volvo FE transmission


The manual gearboxes (six or nine gears) are operated with servo assistance. The short gear lever is positioned on the engine tunnel. The automatic, six-gear transmission is operated via push-buttons. All the gearboxes can be specified with a power take-off.

The Volvo FE rear axles

Rear axles

Carrying a heavy rear load means trusting the suspension on your truck. There are four different rear axles available on the Volvo FE. Maximum axle load varies from 13 to 21 tonnes. All axles have differential lock as standard.

The flexible transmission for Volvo FE

Flexibility is our mantra.

The Volvo FE offers both manual and auto transmission, allowing you to choose which settings suit your driving conditions.

Manual shift transmission comes with the option of six or nine speeds, suited respectively to city driving and high performance driving with applications.

Automatic transmission is highly practical when assignments involve frequent starts and stops and is a particularly good match for the Volvo FE.