The new Volvo FE

Your flexible working partner, delivering excellent driveability and first class productivity.

4×2 tractor; 4×2, 6×2 or 6×4 rigid

D7E (240, 280 or 320 hp)
Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions

What is Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions?

The Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions system serves the need of professional bodybuilders and workshops all over the world.

With superstructure instructions in several languages, chassis drawings, wiring diagrams, data sheets, accessories and much more available, it is a prime resource when bodybuilders are customising your Volvo truck.

Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions ensures swift delivery of the truck you want - exactly the way you want it.

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Volvo FE chassis

See your truck take shape.

When you order your Volvo FE, the bodybuilder logs into Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions and can see the exact specifications of your truck. Work commences on building your truck, using drawings created on the system.

Volvo FE chassis top

No compromises on quality.

When your Volvo FE is perfectly prepared from factory, the bodybuilder can avoid unnecessary reconstruction work on the vehicle. You not only save time, but you can also be sure that your truck maintains its original Volvo quality.

Volvo FE reduces lead times

Reducing lead times with VBI.

The intuitive technology behind Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions has the positive effect of significantly reducing lead times on orders of Volvo Trucks. Because our bodybuilders are able to gain instant access to the system, work can start immediately and your vehicle can swiftly be customised to your specific requirements.