Volvo FH

The new leader in long haul. For unparalleled driver comfort and operating economy.

Gross combination weight
Up to 100 tonnes

D13A: 400, 440, 480, 520 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab, Globetrotter XL cab
New Volvo FH cab range

The new Volvo FH cab. Quite simply the perfect workplace.

We've reinvented the Globetrotter. If you're a truck driver, this is reason enough to start making your living in a Volvo FH.

Unparalleled comfort on the inside. World-class safety from the outside. And with a design that surely will turn some heads on the roads.
Globetrotter XL cab
  • Interior height 220 cm (211 cm*)
  • 1 or 2 beds
  • Abundant storage space
Globetrotter cab
  • Interior height 205 cm (196 cm*)
  • 1 or 2 beds
  • Generous storage space
Sleeper cab
  • Interior height 171 cm (162 cm*)
  • 1 bed
* On the engine tunnel

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An extra cubic metre of space

The interior. An extra cubic metre of cab comfort.

If you're looking for news, here's where to look. Increased headroom, a roomy driving position, 300 more litres of storage space, a wider bed and plenty of smart features such as the new steering wheel with neck-tilt. In other words, the place where you would want to spend your working days. And your nights.

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New Volvo FH exterior design

New exterior design. Good old Volvo safety.

The cabs have a completely new look. Upright A-pillars, a streamlined windscreen and a redesigned grille make your new Volvo FH stand out on the roads. And the level of safety is just as high as you would expect. All cabs have passed the Swedish cab impact test – the toughest in the world. And the new FUPS works at even higher speeds than before.

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New Volvo FH cab colours

Choose from over 650 colours. All green.

Did you know that you can order your Volvo cab in virtually any colour? Save time and money by not having to visit a separate paintshop – our environmentally optimised painting facility provides you with a choice of over 650 different colours.

Find your favourite in the online cab colouriser.