Volvo FH

The new leader in long haul. For unparalleled driver comfort and operating economy.

Gross combination weight
Up to 100 tonnes

D13A: 400, 440, 480, 520 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab, Globetrotter XL cab
Volvo FH truck safety systems

Driver support systems. Keeping an extra eye on the road.

Volvo FH can be equipped with several cutting-edge safety systems, effectively reducing the risk of an accident:

  • Stretch Brake (new)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Emergency Brake (new)
  • Lane Keeping Support
  • Driver Alert Support
  • Lane Changing Support
  • Emergency brake light (new)
  • Electronic Stability Program

Stretch Brake.

In certain situations, such as turning or driving downhill on a slippery road, the trailer risks catching up with the truck, creating a hazardous jack-knife effect. The Stretch Brake is a new Volvo feature, designed to stop that from happening. By pulse braking the trailer, the vehicle combination is stretched, and the danger reduced. The system can be automatically activated in risky situations, at speeds up to 50 km/h. 

Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Emergency Brake.

Follow the traffic rhythm without effort. The radar-based Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) keeps a safe distance to the vehicle in front by controlling the accelerator and all available brakes. If there’s a risk of collision, warning lights are projected on the windscreen.

The Collision Warning with Emergency Brake takes this one step further. It automatically assists you in emergency braking if an impact is imminent, thus significantly reducing the risk of severe injuries. 

Lane Keeping Support.

Drifting off lane is a common cause of many serious accidents. Too common, we think. Lane Keeping Support tracks the road markings with a camera, and alerts you if you should unintentionally cross them. 

Driver Alert Support.

Driver Alert Support is an intelligent system that tracks your driving behaviour. If it differs from normal and indicates tiredness, you are alerted by a signal and a message in the display, advising you to take a break. 

Lane Changing Support.

The blind-spot area on the passenger side can easily hide other road users. Lane Changing Support is equipped with a radar that checks that area when you activate the turn signal. If the area’s not clear, you are notified by a sound and a flashing icon by the mirror. 

Electronic Stability Program.

Volvo’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) efficiently reduces the risk of skidding and rollovers. In risky situations it instantly steps in, reducing engine power and braking the truck and trailer. Each wheel of the truck is braked individually. ESP is now available for most truck specifications, both tractors and rigids. 

Emergency brake light.

If you slam on the brakes, the brake lights flash rapidly to alert the vehicles behind you. An easy way of avoiding rear-end collisions, which can be fatal and lead to major pile-ups.

Active safety packages

    Active Safety Active Safety+
Adaptive Cruise Control + Forward Collision Warning
Collision Warning with Emergency Brake
Lane Changing Support
Driver Alert Support
Lane Keeping Support
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