Volvo FMX

Volvo FMX, the modern construction truck, packed with innovative solutions and groundbreaking features.

4×2, 4×4, 6×2, 6×4, 6×6 or 8×4

D13 (440hp)

Driveline specifications for the new Volvo FMX

On this page, you find:
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  • I-Shift
  • I-Shift software packages
  • Manual gearboxes
  • Powertronic
  • Rear axles
  • Rear axle ratios
  • Driveline combinations
  • Power take-offs


No. of cylinders 6
Displacement 12.8 dm³
Stroke 158 mm
Bore 131 mm
Compression ratio 18.1:1
Economy revs 1050–1600 r/min
Exhaust braking effect 170 kW (2300 r/min)
VEB effect 300 kW (2300 r/min)
VEB option
VEB+ effect 375 kW (2300 r/min)
VEB+ option
Oil filters 2 full-flow, 1 bypass
Oil change volume, incl. filter 33 l
Cooling system, total volume 38 l

Oil change interval
For oil quality and change intervals, please contact your Volvo dealer for recommendations.

Engine-mounted power take-off

Torque output Ratio, D11A Ratio, D13A
EPTT650 650 Nm* 1.08:1 1.26:1
EPTT1000 1000 Nm* 1.08:1 1.26:1

* Torque output both when driving and standing still.

D13A – Power/torque

D13A engine curves
Net output according to: ISO 1585, Dir. 89/491/EEC, ECE Reg 85

D11A330 (243 KW)
Max power at 1400–1950 r/min 330 hp
Max torque at 1000–1300 r/min 1650 Nm
D11A370 (273 KW)
Max power at 1600–1900 r/min 370 hp
Max torque at 1000–1400 r/min 1770 Nm
D11A430 (317 KW)
Max power at 1800–1900 r/min 430 hp
Max torque at 1100–1400 r/min 1970 Nm

D13A400 (294 KW)
Max power at 1400–1800 r/min 400 hp
Max torque at 1050–1400 r/min 2000 Nm
D13A440 (324 KW)
Max power at 1400–1800 r/min 440 hp
Max torque at 1050–1400 r/min 2200 Nm
D13A480 (353 KW)
Max power at 1400–1800 r/min 480 hp
Max torque at 1050–1400 r/min 2400 Nm


12-speed splitter and range gearbox with automated gearchanging system. I-Shift can be fitted with a compact retarder, power take-off, emergency power steering pump and oil cooler.

Type Top gear Engine torque GCW approval
AT2612D Direct 2600 Nm 60 t

I-Shift software packages

Basic (TP-BAS)
Supplied as standard with I-Shift and gives the gearbox its basic functions.

Distribution & Construction (TP-DICON)
Tailors the gearbox’s work for distribution and construction operations. Features include functions that aid the driver when starting and in close-quarter manoeuvring. 

Long Haul & Fuel Economy (TP-FUEC)
Contains intelligent functions that minimise fuel consumption. This makes the program package particularly suitable for long-haul operations.

Heavy Duty Transport (TP-HD)
Optimises I-Shift for heavy gross combination weights (>85 tonnes). Only available for AT2612D.

I-Shift functions explained

Basic Shift Strategy
Automatic selection of the right starting ratio (1st – 6th gear). The choice of starting gear is influenced by gross weight and road gradient.

Performance Shift
Gives faster and gentler changes through intelligent utilisation of the engine brake, the vehicle’s clutch and a special transmission brake.

Basic Gear Selection Adjustment
Makes it possible to adjust gear selection via the gear lever’s buttons during engine braking in automatic mode.

Gearbox Oil Temperature Monitor
Shows the gearbox oil’s temperature in the information display.

Enhanced Shift Strategy
By interacting with EBS and ECS, starting and close-quarter manoeuvring are made easier. Maximises the VEB/VEB+ braking effect by automatically selecting the right gear so that the engine operates at high revs. When changing gear during engine braking, the wheel brakes are activated to compensate for loss of braking torque.

Launch Control
Optimises gear selection and EBS functions for manoeuvring at low speeds. Among other things, ensures that the Hill Start Aid function is only activated on uphill gradients.

Automatic engagement and disengagement of a freewheel function for the purpose of reducing fuel consumption. I-Roll is used when neither engine power nor engine braking is needed, for instance on flat roads.

Smart Cruise Control
Interacts with the vehicle’s Brake Cruise and ensures that the auxiliary brakes are not activated unnecessarily. The free-wheel function can thus be utilised to an even greater extent.

Heavy Duty GCW control
Optimises gear selection for high gross combination weights, 85–180 tonnes.

Additional options

Enhanced PTO Functions
Several functions that make power take-off use easier.

Enhanced Gear Selection Adjustment including kick-down
Makes it possible to adjust gear selection via the gear lever’s buttons during start and when driving in automatic mode. The kick-down function selects the right gear for maximum acceleration.

Enhanced performance – Bad roads
Several functions that adjust gearchanging and assist starting and driving in poor road conditions and hilly terrain.


Fully automatic power-shift transmission with torque converter and oil cooler. Changes gears without power loss. Powertronic can be factory-fitted with a power take-off, integrated retarder and emergency power steering pump.

Type Top gear Engine torque (Nm) GCW approval (tonnes)
PT2606 Direct 2600 60

Powertronic, integrated driving programs

Intended for optimal fuel economy. Gearchanges take place at the most economical revs.

Is used when there is a need for added engine power output. Changes up and down at higher engine revs.


Manual gearboxes

14-speed splitter and range manual gearbox with two crawler gears and twelve synchronised forward gears, plus four reverse gears. Cable operation give short and distinct gearshift strokes and eliminates vibrations in the gearshift knob. Patented synchromesh with servo function means low gearchanging forces. The gearboxes can be fitted with a compact retarder, power take-off, emergency power steering pump and oil cooler.

Type Top gear Engine torque (Nm) GCW approval (tonnes)
VT2009B Direct 2000
VT2214B Direct 2200
VTO2214B Overdrive 2200
VT2514B Direct 2500 100
VTO2514B Overdrive 2500

Rear axles

Type Axle Gear Max torque (Nm) Max axle/bogie load (tonnes) GCW approval (tonnes)

Single reduction

RSS1344C Solo Hypoid 2600 13 44
RSS1356 Solo Hypoid 2400/2800 13 56/44
RSS1360 Solo Hypoid 3550 13 60
RTS2370A Tandem Hypoid 3550 23 70

Hub reduction

RSH1365 Solo Spiral bevel 2400 13 65
RSH1370F Solo Conical spiral cut 3550 13 70
RTH2610F Tandem Conical spiral cut 3550 26 100
RTH3210F Tandem Conical spiral cut 3550 32 100
RTH3312 Tandem Conical spiral cut 3550 33 120

Rear axle ratios

RTH3210F RTH3312
3.33:1 3.61:1
3.46:1 3.76:1
3.61:1 4.12:1
3.76:1 4.55:1
3.97:1 5.41:1
4.12:1 7.21:1

Driveline combinations

Manual gearbox



Hub reduction axles

Driving front axle/Distribution gearbox

Power take-offs

There is a wide range of clutch-independent and clutch-dependent power take-offs to drive all sorts of body equipment.


Rear-mounted engine power take-off for direct drive of a hydraulic pump.

Rear-mounted engine power take-off with flange connection for hydraulic pump.

Rear-mounted engine power take-off with flange connection for hydraulic pump.


Connecting flange attachment and low-rev or high-rev.

Connecting flange attachment and low-rev or high-rev.

Low/medium/high-rev with DIN-connection for direct attachment of a hydraulic pump.

High-rev with connecting flange attachment for direct-fitted propshaft.

High-rev with dual drive. DIN connection front and rear for direct attachment of hydraulic pumps.

High-rev with dual drive. Connecting flange attachment at the rear and DIN attachment at the front.

High-rev with dual drive rear and single drive front. Two connecting flange attachments rear and one DIN attachment at the front.