New River Valley, VA, plant

Energy Improvements at New River Valley

At the New River Valley manufacturing facility, we utilize the Siemens Energy Management Program to reduce energy usage through the automation of lighting and building heating and cooling.

A significant positive impact has been achieved through the installation of energy-efficient light fixtures and improved temperature control.  The temperature control has been accomplished with the automation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning units, as well as exhaust fans:

- 19.6% reduction in electricity usage
- 20% reduction in natural gas usage

These reductions translate to an emissions reduction equivalent to removing 3,350 cars per year, or 1,763,017 gallons of gasoline, or 1,987 households using electricity for one year!

Other actions at the New River Valley plant:

  • Reduced waste to landfill through recycling programs -- a 36% reduction in waste sent to landfill per truck built.
  • Recycling of process wastewaters saved over 800 gallons per truck; paint booth waste water recycling saved 50,000 gallons per day.
  • Reduced paint-related solvent emissions from 23.8 pounds/truck to 12.5 pounds/truck.
  • Elimination of hazardous air pollutants from purge solvent reduced methanol emissions by 9 tons.
  • Elimination of heavy metals (lead and chromium) in paint.

The New River Valley plant was certified to the ISO 14001 standard in November 2000 and recertified in 2003.

The New River Valley plant has been awarded an "Exemplary Environmental Enterprise" or E4 under the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program.  This designation indicates that NRV is a facility with both a fully-implemented environmental management system and pollution prevention program, as well as demonstrated performance. 

Additionally, the New River Valley plant was awarded the Gold Medal for the Governor's Environmental Excellence Award.  This awards program encourages Virginia's industries to implement the state's pollution prevention policy and to practice excellent environmental stewardship by recognizing outstanding efforts in these areas each year.  For more information, visit Virginia's Governor's Environmental Excellence Award web site.