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Volvo engine filters

Volvo Genuine Engine Filters

Performance - The filtration efficiency of genuine Volvo Filters provides the engine with the best operating conditions.

Reliability - Volvo's design team has devoted a great deal of time and effort developing filters that are leak proof under normal operating conditions - both internally and at external connections.

Service Life - The high dirt retention capacity of all Volvo filters is the first step in a long service life.  Volvo filters are made from strong materials that are built to withstand the grueling engine environment, including heat and cold.

Economy - Volvo filters give an engine the operating conditions it requires, which allows the engine to perform efficiently.  Volvo filters are easy to install and work - with no special training or tools required.  

Security - Volvo filters are designed with different mounting threads for different applications, which helps minimize confusion.  Labeling and clear identification also make it more difficult to install the incorrect filter.

Different Packaging for Different Needs - Volvo filters can be purchased individually, bulk quantities, or in kits tailored for specific Volvo engines.

Availability - Every Volvo dealer has easy access to Volvo genuine filters and kits from the Volvo Parts Distribution Centre.

Volvo Engine Filter

Kit Part #

Kit includes

FE6, FE7, TD73, VE D7, VE 250/275/300


1-Lube Filter, 1-Bypass Filter, 2-Fuel Filters

TD120, TD121, TD122, TD123


2-Lube Filters, 1-Bypass Filter, 2-Fuel Filters

N10, F7, TD70


2-Lube Filters, 1-Bypass Filter, 1-Gasket, 2-Fuel Filters

F6, TD 60B


1-Lube Filter, 1-Bypass Filter, 1-Gasket, 1-Fuel Filter

VE D12


2-Lube Filters, 1-Bypass Filter, 1-Fuel Filter

VE D12 w/Racor 500FG Primary Fuel Filter


2-Lube Filters, 1-Bypass Oil Filter, 1-Primary Fuel Filter, 1-Secondary Fuel Filter

VE D12 w/Racor 690 Primary Fuel Filter


2-Lube Filters, 1-Bypass Filter, 1-Primary Fuel Filter, 1-Secondary Fuel Filter



2-Lube Filters, 1-Bypass Filter, 1-Fuel Filter