MV Preferred

MV Preferred™ Features

Delivered through Volvo Trucks dealers across Canada and the United States, MV Preferred™ guarantees the highest level of service--and the greatest purchasing power--for fleet parts, maintenance and repairs. All of which make MV Preferred™ the perfect program to help protect and build your bottom line.

Preferred Treatment for You and Every Truck in Your Fleet

When we say "Preferred," we mean exactly that. MV Preferred™ delivers an unprecedented level of control, speed and customization whenever you come in for parts and service repairs. It also provides timesaving advantages in transaction reporting and billing. In every way, MV Preferred™ puts you in the driver's seat regarding purchases, costs and accounting details.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Participation in the MV Preferred™ program allows seamless use of Volvo Action Service. Volvo Action Service provides 24-hour, full-service roadside assistance, 365 days per year, to help you meet your obligations.

Powerful Advantages that Give You Control and Confidence

  • Program Identification Cards for Maximum Convenience
    MV Preferred™ is a purchasing-based program that identifies you by a unique account number. You'll receive program identification cards for the drivers and managers you specify, with consolidated billing for maximum convenience. Simply present your card at the time of purchase, or have your dealer keep your account number on file. The MV Preferred™ program can be used to purchase parts and service repairs through more than 250 participating Volvo Trucks dealers in the United States and Canada.
  • Purchasing and Billing Advantages
    You'll have a variety of billing options that allow you to customize the program to your specific needs. Making purchases is fast and simple, with rapid reconciliation times. You'll have the security of a transaction platform that's integrated with the Volvo Trucks dealer network.
  • Easy Access to the Services You Need
    MV Preferred™ can be used at over 250 participating Volvo dealer locations. Simply purchase parts and services when you need them. Invoice consolidation and processing is
    fast and thorough.
  • All the Information You Need, Whenever You Need It
    Each billing invoice gives you a record of all transactions made against your account, all validated to match your fleet requirements. Plus, you'll have 24-hour online access to your purchase activity and history at our web site.
  • Upfront Order Validation Takes the Guesswork Out of Pricing
    MV Preferred™ gives you control and confidence in managing your fleet operations through order verification on all parts and service purchases. This feature helps ensure predictability of maximum price levels on purchases of all qualified Volvo Genuine Parts and All Makes parts. Additionally, you'll know that parts orders and service repairs will contain the purchase order and vehicle information that you require.
  • No Annual Fee
    As an MV Preferred™ program member, you'll never be hit with an annual fee. There are no hidden charges, no surprises. You only pay for the services and parts you purchase.

With MV Preferred™ You Get Savings, Not Surprises

MV Preferred™ services and features will save you time, money and worry. In fact, MV Preferred™ virtually eliminates the burden of unexpected expenses and rising operational costs. So invest in your success. Count on Volvo MV Preferred™ to maximize your fleet's performance out on the highway . . . and to deliver the financial performance you need for a better bottom line.