Driver Comfort


Each Volvo truck comes loaded with features for comfort and convenience. The spacious cabs are designed to be a driver's best friend, with details and appointments to help maximize your time behind the wheel and--if you choose a sleeper--enhance your hours off the clock. The handling and maneuverability make these trucks a dream to drive, and the smooth Volvo ride is nothing short of legendary. And you'll always be comfortable with our durability, safety and lasting value.

Afterall, greater driver comfort contributes to better driver productivity.

Driver Seating

More Seating Choices & Considerations

You've probably heard drivers rave about the advantages of Volvo seats. Well, every word is true. The Volvo seat program offers two levels of comfort to suit you and the way you drive.  Our Standard Level provides contoured cushions, 7" fore-and-aft slide, front cushion adjustment, power air lumbar, rear cushion adjustment and chugger snubber.

Comfort Level includes standard features plus additional shoulder support, contoured side bolsters, power air cushion and back bolsters, triple chamber lumbar support and six-button seat.  Comfort Level Additional Options include swivel base, heated cushions, BackCycler® and Wide-Plus cushions that are 2" wider than a standard-width seat.

Our lightweight seats have ergonomic designs that fit your body profile, reducing fatigue and soreness during long trips. And with greater seat travel and adjustability, you'll enjoy more personalized driver comfort.  An optional armrest is available on all seats.

Get a Better Grip

A Steering Wheel That Gives You a Better Grip

The steering wheel is where you most closely connect with your truck. That's why Volvo gives drivers a better, more comfortable grip on maneuverability and safety. The steering column is infinitely adjustable throughout its range. It can be moved up and out of the way for easy entry and exit.

The tilt steering wheel and telescopic steering column adjust for optimum driver comfort-plus they collapse to absorb energy and reduce the risk of injury in an accident. Ergonomic steering wheel design features a better grip size and feel, for less driver fatigue and better control. It also accommodates a standard airbag.

Steering Wheel Stalks 

Optional switches located on the steering wheel and controls mounted on the stalk allow drivers to operate frequently used controls without taking their eyes off the road.

Smooth Ride

Air Suspension for a Softer Ride

Our standard Volvo air suspension increases comfort and stabilizes the ride. Rear cab suspension air bags are mounted outside the frame rails for greater cab stability when cornering.  Lateral shock absorbers reduce swaying of the cab. Hardened rubber dampeners in the suspension system help absorb the impact of a severe shock to the cab.

Insultate Cabs

A Cab That's Insulated for Peace and Mind

Thick floor covering provides outstanding noise dampening and thermal insulation inside the cab. Separate inner and outer door seals keep water, air and noise out of the cab.

Hood mounts and dampeners reduce vibration for less noise in the cab. Volvo's welded cab construction creates a quiet, comfortable and airtight environment.
Generous insulation keeps engine heat contained for a cooler cab interior.

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