VNM 630
VNM 630

Regional runs with the comfort of a long haul

The VNM 630 is the ideal choice for regional operations in urban environments where you don’t want to compromise on fuel efficiency, driver comfort, or safety.

A versatile workhorse well suited for any trailer height. And the shorter hood of the VNM series can help you meet strict overall length requirements. Its shorter wheelbase also helps you maneuver in and out of even the tightest delivery spots.

Inside the 61" sleeper, you’ll find convenient, common sense storage space. And the full-size bed makes those extra nights on the road a little more pleasant.

The VNM 630 can be delivered with these configurations

Cabs & Sleepers Applications Engines Transmissions
Cabs & Sleepers  Applications  Engines Transmissions
61" Mid-Roof Sleeper, Mid-Length Hood
Regional Haul
Bulk haul

Volvo D11; 355-405 hp; 1250-1550 lb-ft torque Straight Torque; Eco-Torque, XE

Volvo D13; 375-500 hp; 1450-1850 lb-ft torque Straight Torque; Eco-Torque, XE

I-shift 12 speed

Eaton Manual gearbox, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speed

Eaton AMT UltraShift