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Stay Connected. Maximize your vehicle productivity.

Volvo Link supports a wide range of affordable vehicle and fleet management services that help you stay connected to your trucks and drivers. Monitor and manage your fleet’s productivity as you receive regular updates on vehicle performance, track locations, manage fuel efficiency, and more.

Volvo Link hardware is standard equipment on all new Volvo trucks equipped with Volvo engines.  The hardware is also available as an option on Volvo trucks with Cummins engine. Volvo Link service packages can be specified at the time of purchase or can be activated on a month to month basis. Volvo Link brings the advantages of integrated vehicle communication to any fleet operating anywhere in the United States and Canada..

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Call 800-52 Volvo (+1 800-528-6586) for Volvo Link technical support.  Or email your questions to

Volvo Link vehicle management services focus on vehicle uptime and improving efficiency and performance.

Volvo Link Perform
The Perform service provides performance reports to ensure that each vehicle is being operated for maximum safety and efficiency.
Vehicle performance data is wirelessly transmitted so you can see how well your trucks and drivers are performing.  This includes valuable summaries of fuel usage under different driving conditions.  You can also see factors that indicate how safely the vehicle is being driven.

  • Monitor fuel used, distance traveled, engine RPM, and speed.
  • Weekly trends showing event frequency for your truck's antilock brake system, traction control and Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology system (VEST).
  • Simple reports provide information you can use to measure and manage performance of a vehicle, a range of vehicles, or your entire fleet.
  • Fault code reports and alerts including the option to get email alerts of critical diagnostic trouble codes.

Minimum requirements:

  • Volvo Link hardware.

Need help?

Call 800-52 Volvo (+1 800-528-6586) for Volvo Link technical support.  Or email your questions to

Fleet Management Services focus on giving you tools to enhance the tracking and efficient operation of your fleet.


The Locate package lets you see the route history of each truck. This data can be used for fuel tax reporting, or simply to ensure that vehicles are where they need to be. Location reporting at 5 - 30-minute intervals or on-demand.

  • Updates on altitude, engine status, heading, odometer reading, and vehicle speed.
  • My Locations allows you to customize your maps to include customized points and areas of interest specific to your fleet.
  • Mileage Guide: locate the most economical route for your trip with real time updates of fuel prices for US and Canada. Find the most economical fuel stops along your route based on your vehicle's fuel capacity and historical fuel mileage.

The Communicate package allows efficient two-way communication between the driver and website. The driver is able to send and receive messages using the integrated Driver Information Display. Free text and pre-defined messages can be sent to and from the truck.

Fuel Tax Reporting Online

  • Automatic filing of fuel taxes using transmitted vehicle location and odometer readings.
  • Requires Vehicle Location.

Minimum requirements:

  • Volvo Link hardware.
  • Volvo Link Perform package.

Need help?

Call 800-52 Volvo (+1 800-528-6586) for Volvo Link technical support. Or email your questions to