Core Values: Environmental Care



The U.S. economy depends on the efficient movement of trucks to transport the goods we use in our daily lives. Some travel by air, rail and ships, but trucks move the vast majority of our freight.
At Volvo Trucks, we’re proud to be part of an industry that’s vital to society. At the same time, we recognize that heavy-duty trucks use natural resources and create emissions that affect environmental quality. That’s why we’re committed to delivering the cleanest and most fuel-efficient trucks on the road today.

For the past two decades, the North American heavy-truck industry has been designing and building cleaner-running engines in response to stricter EPA emissions standards. Today’s Volvo diesel-powered trucks are certified by the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to 2014 fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas regulations.  They are also up to 3 percent more fuel efficient than 2013 engines, which means savings for our customers. On average, 1 percent of fuel efficiency improvement amounts to annual savings of $650 per truck.

Volvo has also introduced natural gas-powered engines for several of its models, taking advantage of a fuel source that is available domestically and burns cleaner than diesel. And in 2013, Volvo became the first truck manufacturer in North America to test the promising fuel alternative dimethyl ether (DME). It can be made from natural gas or a variety of sustainable feedstocks, like biogas from food and animal waste. When biogas sources are used, carbon emissions from DME-powered engines are reduced 95 percent compared to diesel. 

Looking ahead, Volvo Trucks will continue to work with government and industry partners, including the EPA, to find ways to cut greenhouse emissions and improve fuel efficiency. To learn more about our efforts in environmental care, visit