Public Policy

To participate actively in society and to recognize new business opportunities, knowledge of the surrounding world and future trends in legislation is essential.  At Volvo Trucks in North America, our objective is to comply with legislation and regulation related to emissions, noise, vehicle weight and similar issues, and to always advance new technology in product development.  To speak with one voice, the Volvo Group issues position papers on questions of importance for our business. Through proactive interaction and by keeping informed about society's ambitions such as future legislation and taxation schemes, we want to create long-term competitive business conditions while contributing to sustainable development.
We have taken public positions and actions on these issues and more:
Policy Position Papers and/or Published Testimony
Political Involvement
As stated in our Code of Conduct, "the Volvo Group observes neutrality with regard to political parties and candidates.  Neither the names nor the assets of Volvo Group companies shall be used to promote the interest of political parties or candidates."  This applies to all employees within the Volvo Group as well as the Board of Directors.  We do not give financial or in-kind contributions to political parties or related institutions.  
Federal Issues:
State Issues:
State Lemon Law amendments to include heavy-duty trucks