Fleet Management Services

Fleet Management Services

Fleet Management Services focus on giving you tools you can use to enhance the tracking and efficient operation of your fleet's operations.

Vehicle Location
Reports let you see the entire route history of each truck and view out-of-route mileage.  This data can be used for fuel tax reporting, or simply to ensure that vehicles are where they need to be.

  • Location reporting at 15- or 30-minute intervals, scheduled time stamp and on-demand.
  • Updates on altitude, engine status, heading, odometer reading, and vehicle speed.
  • My Locations allows you to customize your maps to include customized points and areas of interest specific to your fleet.
  • Mileage Guide:  locate, display and save preferred routes, minimizing unnecessary mileage.  Find the most economical fuel stops along your route based on your vehicle's fuel capacity and historical fuel mileage.


Fuel Tax Reporting Online

  • Automatic filing of fuel taxes using transmitted vehicle location and odometer readings.
  • Requires Vehicle Location

Additional services coming soon!!!


Minimum requirements:
Volvo Link hardware
Volvo Link Remote Uptime Service
Vehicle Performance Reports