Volvo Leasing

Who could give best support for your Volvo fleet than Volvo?

Whether you are a proud owner of a Volvo Truck, or you are thinking about acquiring a Volvo Fleet, you know that nobody can give a better treatment for your Volvo than us. After all, we’ve being doing it for more than 85 years.

We have the right Full Service Leasing and Rental solutions for your Volvo Truck. And you can count on any of our over 400 Volvo Dealer Members to provide personal attention, faster efficient services and easy access to extensive genuine parts inventories to keep you moving, anywhere in North America. To learn more, review the most appropriate solution below for your Volvo Truck:

Full Service Leasing

Maintenance & Repair



If you want to operate a Volvo fleet, count on our  Volvo Full Service Leasing to take full advantage of your new fleet without consuming valuable cash – or relying on traditional lines of credit – which can be devoted to other business needs.



If you already have a Volvo fleet and would like to outsource your maintenance, count on our Volvo Maintenance and Repair services so you can be sure your Volvo fleet will reach its maximum longevity and operate at the optimal lifecycle cost.

Volvo Full Service Leasing, Maintenance & Repair Benefits:

  • We cover all your equipment costs: including preventive maintenance, repairs, permitting, licensing, substitute vehicles, and more.
  • Have access to an extensive inventory:  as no one stocks more genuine Volvo parts than Volvo
  • Service, warranty repairs and maintenance in one stop: for the entire truck. This way, you receive faster results, downtime is reduced, and efficiency is improved.

Volvo Full Service Leasing, Maintenance & Repair Characteristics:

  • Menu of Services: tailored especially for your business. Including parts, labor, tires, taxes, permits, licensing, fuel cards, truck washing and substitution.  Even vehicle identification, insurance and extra vehicles can be part of the package.
  • Full Service Fuel Tax & Legalization Program: comprehensive fuel tax and state, and provincial licensing services 24 hours a day. We’ll help you get all oversize/ overweight, temporary fuel/trip and IRP permits in minutes. We also offer connected vehicle services, as well as remote paperless reporting to save time and money.
  • Roadside Assistance: count on our 24-hour, seven-days-a-week comprehensive services support, from 60,000 service locations, dedicated to getting you up and running quickly, by calling 1-800-52-VOLVO .

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Sometimes you just need a truck for a day. Or a week. Or a few months. You can rent a wide variety of Volvo Class 8 trucks that are available with the same services as a leased vehicle.  Best experience: you will always drive the latest, most technological-advanced selection of Volvo trucks, with competitive prices.

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How to contact:

  • If you operate nationally:  please complete our National Account Contact Request Form below to have a representative contact you.

You won’t find any better supporter than Volvo to take care of your Volvo fleet. For more information, contact one of our Volvo Dealer Members.