Volvo Premium Oil

Heavy-Duty Engine Protection For Your Heavy-Duty Truck

Volvo SAE 10W-30:  Field-proven under severe conditions, Volvo Premium soot dispersance, viscosity control and component wear control, which means more premium uptime at less cost for your trucks.  So, you can drive with confidence.  At Volvo, we do, since Volvo Premium is the factory-fill motor oil for all new Volvo trucks.

Meets or exceeds global DHD-1 and ACEA E-5.

  • Exceeds API Service Category C1-4.
  • Exceeds other industry standard tests.
  • Available in:
    • 4x1 gallon jug, Part #VPO98KQ87  
    • 55-gallon jub, part # VPO98KQ88
    • Bulk package, part # VPO98KQ86
Please contact your local Volvo truck dealer for availability and prices.