VNM 200
VNM 200

The specialist on short routes

Tight schedules. Frequent stops. Busy traffic. The demands of urban deliveries are high. But whatever your task, the VNM 200 knows its way around.

This lightweight truck is designed to help you excel in regional bulk or specialty hauling. And it’s easily tailored to match your specific needs.

The shorter hood, 50-degree wheel cut, and panoramic windshield make driving a snap, especially in those tight areas in and around town. And even entry and exit are easy, thanks to offset steps and internal grab handles that stay clean and dry for no slips.

With Volvo’s innovation in fuel efficiency and uptime, the VNM 200 is a truck you can rely on – helping you deliver on your promises every day.

Aerodynamic design

Designed to reduce wind resistance.
Looks are just a bonus.

The wedge-shaped hood and headlights. The recessed door handles. The streamlined sun visor. The sleek hood mirrors. Every detail has been designed to contribute to the outstanding aerodynamics of the VNM cabs.

XE powertrain package

The XE13 powertrain package.
Cruise at 1,150 rpm and save up to 3% fuel.

A torque-strong Volvo engine perfectly matched to an intelligent I-Shift overdrive transmission – that’s the base of the exceptionally efficient XE package. It’s fully integrated so you can cruise at 65 mph at a mere 1,150 rpm – 200 rpm lower than an average truck – helping you lower fuel costs as much as 3%.


Responsive yet fuel efficient.
Say hello to Eco-Torque.

Great performance and great fuel economy – Eco-Torque offers the ultimate combination to drive savings to your bottom line. In the top two gears, the engine defaults to a lower torque curve to optimize fuel economy, while the higher torque is still available on demand when you need it. And with a simple software change, you can change torque ratings to put your Volvo truck to work in a new application.

I-Shift transmission

Save fuel with I-Shift.

The driving is easy. The savings are sweet.

I-Shift is the most intelligent automated manual transmission on the market. It automatically chooses the most fuel-efficient gear, and will often skip gears to help you stay in the sweet spot while getting to your cruise speed faster. Add the clever Eco-Roll function, saving fuel on downhill grades, and you’ve got yourself a transmission that will help you save fuel, mile after mile.

Learn more about I-Shift.

Smooth ride

Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

Volvo trucks are famous for their incredible ride. We’ve designed the whole truck to deliver comfort, from the stiffness of the frame to the geometry of the cab suspension – all integrated to stop unwanted forces and vibrations from reaching the cab. The result is a relaxing driver’s environment where you’ll feel refreshed, even after a full day behind the wheel.

Quiet cab

Don’t let the outside in.

Few things create as much stress and fatigue as working in a noisy environment. Thankfully, you won’t find this in your Volvo truck. The high-strength steel cab of your VNM 200 is well insulated and features double-sealed doors and thick floor covering – all to keep exterior noise out, and making the interior as quiet as many passenger cars.

Driving position

The perfect driving position.
Feel free to adjust it.

Ergonomics are crucial if you want to feel refreshed even after a full day. That’s why we haven’t compromised on the driving comfort of our cabs. All seats offer supreme back and lateral support, 7" fore-and-aft slide, front cushion adjustment, power air lumbar, rear cushion adjustment, and fore/aft isolation – and those are just the standard seats. In addition, the steering column and wheel telescope 4.5" and can be tilted a full 32 degrees – helping you find the perfect position for the most comfortable drive.

Learn more about the seats.

Driver information display

Important information
deserves a big screen.

A quick glance is enough. The over-sized Driver Information Display tells you everything you need to know, including your fuel efficiency, trip mileage, battery voltage, and fluid levels. You can also set it to show the favorite gauges you like to see. And our unique Performance Bonus Display can give you real-time driving feedback to help you increase fuel economy. The interface is available in English, French and Spanish.

Volvo Power

Volvo Power.
With torque curves you’ll love.

Want to know the secret behind the great driveability and superb efficiency of Volvo engines? Just look at the performance curves. Excellent torque even at low RPMs, with a broad range for maximum torque. You’ll also see that peak torque overlaps peak power in the mid RPM range, helping you drive both performance and fuel economy. That means you’ll notice the difference immediately, whether you work behind the wheel or behind the desk. And you have plenty of power options, from 325 to 500 hp.

I-Shift gearstick

Eases your mind.
And your left foot.

Sit. Steer. And smile. Volvo’s I-Shift automated manual transmission is more than the driver’s preferred choice. It is also a real pleasure to drive. Intelligent electronics automatically put you in the right gear at the right time, letting you keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road. Still, if you want to get more involved, you can. The buttons on the premium shift selector allow you to step in and shift manually.

Learn more about I-Shift.

Volvo safety cab

If you’re on the road,
this is the safest place to be.

It can happen. If you’re in a crash, Volvo’s passive safety wraps you in a cocoon of safety. Starting with our high-strength steel cab that exceeds the world’s toughest cab safety tests. And in a frontal collision, the engine and transmission are designed to drop down and under the driver, while the steering column and dash absorb impact to help prevent injury. But don’t forget that Volvo’s standard active safety technologies can help you prevent that crash from ever happening.


The seatbelt’s best friend.

Safety has always been Volvo’s guiding star. In fact, we invented the 3-point seat belt that is now standard on every car and truck in North America. We are also the only ones to offer a driver’s side airbag as standard on every Volvo model. Together, they reduce the chance of being injured in a crash. Nothing is more important.

VNL670 visibility

There’s a lot to look out for.
Here’s a lot to look out of.

Good visibility is crucial to avoid crashes. VNM cabs feature a panoramic, one-piece windshield, slim A-pillars, and sloping side windows, all to increase your field of vision. And our wipers use a crossover pattern to more effectively clear the windscreen of rain or snow.


On the road,
losing control is not an option.

Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST) is standard on your VNM 200. By monitoring several vehicle parameters, VEST can detect hazardous situations and help you keep control of the vehicle … sometimes before you even realize there’s a problem. It automatically reduces engine torque and applies braking to individual wheel ends, to help you mitigate rollovers, jackknifes, or loss of control.

Learn more about VEST.

Volvo Enhanced Cruise

Greater distance means
greater safety.

Volvo Enhanced Cruise (VEC) is Volvo’s fully integrated radar-based system that helps you maintain a safe following distance in traffic. If you’re following too close or a car cuts you off, a buzzer sounds while warning lights are displayed in the dash. And if you don’t react in time, VEC can step in by de-throttling the engine and applying brakes – helping you avoid having a really bad day.

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning.
Stay on the right track.

Drifting out of lane is a common cause of many crashes. Volvo’s Lane Departure Warning is a sophisticated safety system that tracks the road markings with a windshield-mounted camera. Should you unintentionally drift out of the lane, it provides audible and visual alerts to get you back on track.

Volvo engine brake

More Stopping Power:
Volvo's Engine Brake.

I-VEB, Volvo’s unique integrated engine brake, is highly popular among Volvo drivers. And it’s easy to see why. It offers extremely high retardation over the speed range (on the D13, it offers an impressive 310 HP at just 1,500 rpm), without the driver even having to touch the brake pedal. This can help you improve safety … and increase your brake service life.

Learn more about I-VEB.

Remote Diagnostics

Remote Diagnostics.
Less repair time. More road time.

Remote Diagnostics is an innovative service designed to help you keep your truck on the road and making you money. When a truck shows a fault code that needs our attention, it’s immediately transmitted to our Customer Uptime Center. They diagnose the fault, contact the decision maker, find the nearest dealer, schedule repairs, confirm parts availability – dramatically reducing diagnostics and repair times. In fact, customers are saving as much as a full day per repair event.

Learn more about Remote Diagnostics.

Volvo Action Service

Wherever you are,
help is just a phone call away.

An unplanned stop in the middle of nowhere? Volvo Action Service is there to help you. As soon as the driver calls, our skilled and highly-trained staff immediately set to work with one single mission – to help you get back on the road again as quickly as possible. Volvo Action Service is available 24/7, everywhere in the United States and Canada.

Learn more about Volvo Action Service.


Manage all your repairs online.
ASIST is at your service.

ASIST is Volvo’s web-based service communication platform. It lets you log in and view the full service history of your trucks and communicate directly with your dealer. You can also receive electronic estimates, approve repairs and issue a purchase order, regardless of the where your truck might be.

Learn more about Volvo Action Service.

Volvo ironmark

Volvo quality in every detail.

You depend on your trucks to keep rolling – mile after mile, year after year. That’s why we design our trucks to last, and build them only in the USA. We only choose the best available materials, parts, and assembly techniques. The premium quality of a Volvo helps you reduce the risk of unexpected repairs and lower your overall operating costs.

No regen engines

No active regens.
No headaches and delays.

Volvo was the first to choose SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to meet EPA ‘10. With our integrated engine and aftertreatment solution, we returned our engines to full performance and fuel economy, while eliminating the need for active regeneration of the diesel particulate filter. That means there is no driver action needed. Nor will you have to park somewhere and perform a regen – losing precious time and fuel. All you have to do is drive.

Buying a Volvo – the hows and whys

Find your dealer

Interested in buying a new Volvo? Start by talking to a skilled Volvo sales professional who can help you determine how to transform a truck into your ultimate transport solution. You’ll start by talking about your business needs for today and tomorrow. Then together you’ll spec the right truck to meet those needs, find the best financial deal, and the right coverage and service agreements to keep your truck performing at its best … mile after mile, year after year.

The VNM 200 can be delivered with these configurations

Cabs & Sleepers Applications Engines Transmissions
Cabs & Sleepers  Applications  Engines Transmissions
Day Cab; Mid-Length Hood
Regional Haul
Bulk haul
Pick up and delivery
Volvo D11
325 to 405 hp

Volvo D13
375 to 500 hp
I-shift 12 speed

Eaton Manual gearbox, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speed

Eaton AMT UltraShift

Allison, 5 and 6 speed