Sales start for Volvo FH16 Euro 6

Sales of the Volvo FH16 Euro 6 are now under way. With up to 750 hp and 3550 Nm of torque, it retains its position as the strongest truck in the world. The first Euro 6 versions of the Volvo FH16 will be delivered in early June.

The Volvo FH16 is ideal as a tractor for heavy rigs and timber haulers, and also for fast transport assignments characterised by exceptional demands on driveability and productivity. Now the world's most powerful series-produced truck is available with a new generation of 16-litre engines producing a choice of 750, 650 and 550 hp respectively, all conforming to Euro 6. In addition to lower emissions, the new engines also offer higher torque at low revs, a more powerful engine brake, and quieter operation.

"The Volvo FH16 with Euro 6 engine has the same high reliability, the same fuel consumption and the same power as before. But now the driver has access to maximum torque from just 900 or 950 revs a minute depending on engine version. This improved torque curve also allows customers to choose a faster rear axle ratio for best fuel efficiency," says Astrid Drewsen, Product Manager, Drivelines at Volvo Trucks.

All the engines are equipped with Volvo's automated transmission, I-Shift. The 550 hp version is optionally available with a manual gearbox. All the engine versions can be specified with Volvo's VEB+ engine brake. Maximum braking effect has been raised from 425 to 470 kW at 2200 revs a minute, further improving safety and reducing wear on the wheel brakes.

In order to deliver the low NOx emissions required by Euro 6, Volvo's engineers have used cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) in combination with an updated system for after-treatment of exhaust gases. A new dual-stage turbo helps power the EGR loop and also delivers the high power outputs. The engine features pilot injection. This means that a small amount of fuel is pre-injected into the cylinder, creating more uniform pressure build-up and a softer engine note.

April 1, 2014

Fact box

Volvo FH16 for Euro 6

  • Equipped with the Volvo D16K550/650/750 - an in-line six-cylinder diesel engine with dual-stage turbo, overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder and common rail injection.
  • Available with 750 hp (3550 Nm), 650 hp (3150 Nm) and 550 hp (2900 Nm*).
  • 50% lower emissions of particulates (PM) and 80% lower emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) compared with Euro 5.
  • FH16 for Euro 6 is available on the European markets.

*2800 Nm with manual gearbox.

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