Volvo FMX Chassis Layout 1

Volvo FMX

Short Facts

Gross vehicle weight:
18 to 48 tonnes

Chassis height:
900 to 1240 mm

D11C: 330, 370, 410, 450 hp
D13C: 380, 420, 460, 500 hp

Thoroughly prepared for the bodybuilder

One truck is seldom like another – each body imposes different demands on the chassis. That was something we took on board when we developed the Volvo FMX, designing it to be as factory-prepared for bodybuilding as possible.
Chassis packaging is aided by the option of a wide range of tanks for fuel and AdBlue. Steel fuel tanks are available in volumes of up to 570 litres each. There’s also a wide range of power take-offs, both engine-mounted and gearbox-mounted, offering considerable scope for tailoring the truck to suit each application area.
The frame is parallel and uniformly high along its entire length, equipped with modular attachments so the bodybuilder does not have to make any unnecessary holes. What’s more, the bodybuilder has expert help from Volvo’s bodybuilding instructions, VBI.